Office Design and Planning

Its been said that one third of our lives are spent in an office, therefore you really want an office that is functional and comfortable at the same time. Whether that office is in your home or in a commercial setting, the needs are usually fairly close to the same. We take into consideration every aspect of the needs of an office from proper lighting to ergonomically designed furniture. We’re here to make sure its the best possible environment to work in. Creating a place to store files, books, recordings or any other special needs are all taken into consideration.

Our goal in creating a beautiful office is one that you will enjoy coming to everyday. We want to create a place where you can make the best decisions and handle important conversations in private. It’s surprising how many offices need additional soundproofing to prevent prying ears! It’s also amazing to us how many people work in terrible lighting conditions that may give them headaches and eyestrain.

So whether your office is in your home, above a production facility or atop a penthouse high-rise downtown, Spaces Design can handle your office design and planning projects.