Kitchen Design

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen preparing and creating delicious meals for friends and family. If there is one room in the house that you would want to be perfectly designed for function and form, it’s the kitchen. Kitchen design is an art in knowing exactly what kind of functionality a chef or even someone boiling an egg needs. While many people just want to know what kind of appliances that they should get for a kitchen, others are very picky about exactly where they go and what they do.

Creating good kitchen design is almost like a recipe. Having the stove in a proper relationship with the pots and pans, counter tops, cutting boards and implements saves time and energy when creating a masterpiece. The kitchen needs to be practical yet beautiful. If something isn’t within easy reach many times the chef decides it’s too much work to get and just leaves it out.

If children are in the home, then all sorts of other things need to be considered in a proper kitchen design. Everything from the handles and cabinets and where they are placed in combination with the types of flooring and surfaces can all make a difference. The decision to have rounded or hard-edged corners is something that needs to be considered.

Good lighting is essential in a quality kitchen design. Having rotating storage that is useful and accessible with counter surfaces that can take the wear and tear of cutting and pounding, are essential. The types of knobs and handles are also important because some may easily catch on clothing and tear it, while others may be difficult to open with flour or grease covered hands.

We here at Spaces Design and Planning are kitchen design experts and we would love to have the opportunity to make your kitchen your dream come true.