Hospitality Design

Health, safety and welfare is so important for anyone involved in the hospitality industry. The look and feel of the furniture, wall designs, carpeting, pictures and bedding all create an atmosphere and a feeling for your customers. You want them to not only feel comfortable, but to be safe. You want them to enjoy the experience and want to stay at your hotel, motel, bed & breakfast and restaurants. You also want them to come back again and again.

While many businesses focus on the outward appearance in their advertising and marketing, it is even more important to focus on the user’s experience while visiting or staying there. Some people travel great distances to attend a business meeting. They want a place to relax and unwind afterwards. They also may need a place to be able to do business while they are there.

Of course there are lots of other people that travel for vacation purposes and want something a little more fun and lively. Your place may need to be suited for children’s needs or handicap individuals. These can all be properly accounted for in a hospitality design created just for you. With Spaces Design you are hiring professionals that know how to create the look and feel that you’re looking for, while designing within all the proper codes for hotel interiors.

Proper hospitality design needs to take care of everything to keep your customers happy and also meeting the needs of your staff with carts, trays, cleaning devices and other wheeled carriages that haul their supplies and equipment.

From playful, businesslike, homey or luxurious and anything in between, Spaces Design can handle your hospitality design issues.

Luxury Wine Country Retreat

Some clients wish to see our vision in the early stages of development. We can creatively provide a snapshot of how we see the various design routes the project can take. In this luxury retreat in the wine country, our client requested renderings that conveyed our design intent.

Feature Project: Woodside Village; Apartment Clubhouse and Model Renovation


Model Apartment