Medical Office Design

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when designing for medical office needs. From the moment the patient walks in the front door they need a feeling of comfort. Usually they have a cold, the flu, some injury or other need that causes them physical and mental stress. We want to reduce that stress from the moment they open the door. We also want to make it possible to reduce the spread of germs and diseases by those who come in contact with the furniture of your front office.

Medical Office Reception Desk

The look and feel of a doctor’s office, dental practice or plastic surgeons entryway all need to convey professionalism and care at the same time. The way your patients interact with the front office staff is important. Is it easy for them to convey the proper information for medical and billing purposes?


When your patients are taken back to the exam rooms are they functional and easy on both the patients and the doctors? Are office supplies, devices, equipment and testing products within easy reach? If an emergency occurs, is it easy for additional people to be brought into the room?


The most important thing that must be dealt with in any medical office design is sanitation and cleanliness. Although many products may look wonderful, they may not be easily cleaned and therefore house germs and diseases to spread to others.


Medical office design is a very tricky business. Things must look good, feel comfortable at the same time be very functional and be kept very clean.


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